Garlic Med.Eat.Ation @ Ars Electronica

In post pandemic times, how can we use everyday telecommunications to virtually create a sense of intimacy? For Ars Electronica, ...
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Exploration Day @ Steps With Theera

Steps With Theera is an accredited vocational training centre for young adults with special needs set in a health focused ...
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Internet Literacy in Lashio, Myanmar

In early 2016, I facilitated an internet literacy workshop in Lashio, the capital of Shan state in Myanmar. We taught ...
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Chula 360 Workshop

I co-led a 360 production workshop at Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, teaching professors how to integrate ...
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Alt Visions @ Bangkok 1899

Kids nowadays are growing up in the midst of enormous shifts in culture, society, and the environment. Bangkok, along with ...
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Goethe 360 Workshop

My collaborator, Sue, and I were tasked with developing a 360 filming workshop for German teachers at the Goethe Institute ...
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