Project Type: Work

Concrete Abstractions

Food has been a running narrative in my work for the past couple years. Jan to April 2020, I took part in two programs, Saari Residency in Mynamaki, Finland and ORTung Hintersee in Austria, that allowed me further delve into combing food with games. I’m fascinated by how modern society uses game mechanics to create […]

Goethe 360 Film Workshop

My collaborator, Sue, and I were tasked with developing a 360 filming workshop for German teachers at the Goethe Institute who will then capture footage of German learners from around Thailand for us to edit. Objectives: Teach 360 production and narrative basics Use 360 filming to create interest in technology for art in Goethe students […]

The Dinner Table

Question: How will current YouTube trends impact the environment 50 years down the line? My research based art project centers on the impact of YouTube’s recommendation algorithm on developing economies and their ecology. In my case study of Mukbang, a South Korean trend wherein hosts eat large amounts of food, I highlight the effect of […]

Freelance Writing | Select Bylines

Quartz | Looking for Westworld? Head east An investigation into virtual reality economic development zones in China NBC | The Asian-American Advantage on Southeast Asia’s Startup Scene Detailing distinct cultural advantages for Asian Americans heading back to their parents’ home countries to start their business Bangkok Post | Cultural amnesia Book review for Koonchung Chan’s […]

Alt Visions @ Bangkok 1899

Questions: How can augmented reality create new avenues of discovery for kids and artists? What drives kids to learn STEAM? During the Alt Visions Workshop, The first exhibit will features answers from our Alt Visions workshop – a futures design exercise for kids aged 9 to 11. We contextualized emerging technologies like AI, AR, and […]

Alt Visions Workshop

Questions: Kids nowadays are growing up in the midst of enormous shifts in culture, society, and the environment. Bangkok, along with many surrounding Southeast Asian capitals, is urbanizing at breakneck speed. How do kids think about the future of their own neighborhood in the midst of constant change? We developed the Alt Visions workshop to […]