The Dinner Table

Question: How will current YouTube trends impact the environment 50 years down the line?

My research based art project centers on the impact of YouTube’s recommendation algorithm on developing economies and their ecology. In my case study of Mukbang, a South Korean trend wherein hosts eat large amounts of food, I highlight the effect of seafood Mukbangs on supply and demand of wild fishing in Southeast Asia. My overall goal is to expose the connections between individual action and global social, economic, and environmental issues, and show ways they are mediated through tech institutions like YouTube.

This project culminated in an installation, performance, and video work that communicated the invisible tug and pull between the internet and it’s material impact.

Developed at the Goethe Institute’s Acts of Life Residency and Akademia Schloss Solitude Virtual Residency.

See finished work here

Freelance Writing | Select Bylines

Quartz | Looking for Westworld? Head east

An investigation into virtual reality economic development zones in China

NBC | The Asian-American Advantage on Southeast Asia’s Startup Scene

Detailing distinct cultural advantages for Asian Americans heading back to their parents’ home countries to start their business

Bangkok Post | Cultural amnesia

Book review for Koonchung Chan’s political sci-fi novel

Alt Visions @ Bangkok 1899

3D models created by XR artist Sufee Yama


How can augmented reality create new avenues of discovery for kids and artists? What drives kids to learn STEAM?

During the Alt Visions Workshop, The first exhibit will features answers from our Alt Visions workshop – a futures design exercise for kids aged 9 to 11. We contextualized emerging technologies like AI, AR, and 3D printing, then asked the kids how they believe these technologies will impact their neighborhood. Their answers will be transformed into an AR exhibit so students can see their visions come to life.

The end goal is to open pathways for learning and connect students to mentors who can help them along their STEAM path over time. Much of the time, our social networks are strengthen our interests, but for some of these kids, it might be difficult to find people who are working in emerging tech fields.

This exhibit is a way to create sustained interest in emerging technology over time, and a connection point for any AR creators interested in testing out educational experiences on bright young minds. I’ll keep track of which exhibits the kids engage with most and bring in mentors from the Civic Imaginations network to give talks on what its like to work in that field.

Interactive DinnerCon @ Digital Naturalism Conference


If new flavors are created by making different combinations of ingredients, how can I make the discovery of those permutations more interactive and fun? 

A small group of foragers, artists, hackers, and writers curated and conducted a series of interactive feasts in Thailand called ‘DinnerCons.’ They cooked with local Thai community, foraged jungle ingredients, and exhibited the intricacies and unique flavor profiles of Thai cuisine through sculptures, design, and games. Using a big red button, an Arduino, LED lights, and 4 lines of code, they made trying different flavor combinations fun and engaging. It is the group’s starting point for exploring how food crosses boundaries in unexpected ways. 

Random Shame Generator


Digitization in our daily lives, between humans (and also between humans and non-humans) is evolving very quickly. In this new stage of community building and sharing, what will we need or want to share? What would be the errors entailed? Future Sharing explores our actions for tomorrow as beings who exist in a community of some kind, be it physical or digital. 

    • What errors could occur in our future shared society?
    • What would humans need to share?  And how would it be realized?
    • How could we arrange for tolerance of errors in society?

In response to this prompt from the Future Innovators Summit at Ars Electronica, I created a random shame generator that creates good intention and understanding between a community of Internet strangers. Input embarrassing stories about yourself, read anonymous embarrassing stories about other people, and feel a sense of vulnerability laden camaraderie instead of fearing all Internet strangers are potential Youtube commenters.

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Vision Festival


How receptive are newcomers to VR? What are their reactions to emerging forms of storytelling? 

Produce and curated programming for the VR section of Vision Festival, Los Angeles based short film festival. This festival regularly hosts more than 300 participants every year.

UN Women SF VR Film Festival


Women directors only accounted for 4% of the top 100 grossing films in 2018. What resources can we provide to female VR directors to ensure this doesn’t happen in this emerging field?

Executive produced UN Women SF’s first ever VR Film Festival, creating a platform for new filmmakers to share women led narratives with top entertainment and technology executives.

SIGGRAPH Asia VR Showcase



How can we use emerging media to democratize the process of making and showing art?

The VR Showcase provides a highly visible and energetic venue to explore emerging trends in virtual and augmented reality, try state-of-the-art technologies, and experience new approaches for creative expression and collaboration within immersive environments. I worked with a team to produce an art exhibit that brought new artists into VR for the first time, and collaborate on a virtual painting with others. We got participants from a broad range of fields: photographers, street artists, architects, sculptures, and kids from the SATI foundation. All were new to VR, and all created new work on an even playing field.