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PIFcamp + Hackers Trip to SEAsia

PIFcamp PIFcamp is a 7-day hacker-base set in Slovenian nature, where art, technology and knowledge meet. The participants of the camp take the leading part in holding workshops, practical field trips, theoretical lectures and on-sight briefings and actively participate in the development of various DIY projects, while collaborating together in a creative working environment. In DIY, DIWO and DITO manner! […]

Lessons Learned from Shifting Focus

After leaving Saari Residency in Finland to re-enter Thailand before the border closes, I’m now safely anchored in Bangkok and re-evaluating the virus’s effect on my life and my creative studio, Made In Asia. Seems like now is a good time to resist the urge to get swept up in  ‘new normal’ and sit in […]

Transistor Clock

I banded together with a few other designers to create a digital clock mainly made out of transistors. We wanted to expand our skill set and be able to troubleshoot any problems that may come up in installation design. This digital clock is made entirely of transistors, resistors, diodes, and capacitors – no integrated circuits. Through […]

Transition: A Residency Project

Transition is a residency project that invites people pressing reset. That could mean moving countries, changing jobs, or making a small, conscious decision to change a habit – it’s a space to collect, re-think, and investigate what it means to start something new. Our world is changing too fast for the systems built around us. […]

Playable Self

My project, TamagotMe, further distorts the Tamagotchi effect of Artificial ‘Intelligence’ by using natural language processing (NLP), an AI field used to help computers understand human speech, analyze Facebook text and create user personas that then fuel a Tamagotchi personality with remnants of our digital past. In the beginning, I will use my own Facebook […]

Reality Augmented: Investigations into Surveillance Capitalism

Co-developed with Michelle Lai Pokemon Go has instigated a rare, large scale shift in human mobility patterns that re-emphasizes certain biases in geography, drawing players towards business districts, urban places with relatively few minorities, as well as advantaging players who come from these areas. This reinforces a narrative of control, where spaces reinforce powers held […]