Alt Visions @ Bangkok 1899


How can augmented reality create new avenues of discovery for kids and artists? What drives kids to learn STEAM?

During the Alt Visions Workshop, The first exhibit will features answers from our Alt Visions workshop – a futures design exercise for kids aged 9 to 11. We contextualized emerging technologies like AI, AR, and 3D printing, then asked the kids how they believe these technologies will impact their neighborhood. Their answers will be transformed into an AR exhibit so students can see their visions come to life.

The end goal is to open pathways for learning and connect students to mentors who can help them along their STEAM path over time. Much of the time, our social networks are strengthen our interests, but for some of these kids, it might be difficult to find people who are working in emerging tech fields.

This exhibit is a way to create sustained interest in emerging technology over time, and a connection point for any AR creators interested in testing out educational experiences on bright young minds. I’ll keep track of which exhibits the kids engage with most and bring in mentors from the Civic Imaginations network to give talks on what its like to work in that field.

3D models created by XR artist Sufee Yama

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