Art + Research

Independent Art

I make multidisciplinary art that co-creates systems of sharing and exchange. Recent fascinations include developing sensory interactions for food and indigenous knowledge systems, playable critical thought, and virtual spaces for shifting power imbalance. Past projects explored ecological manifestations of mukbang, diverse communities in emerging technology, and cultivating remote intimacy through food and web performance.

Food acts as a lens and tool to observe transforming environments, landscapes, and geopolitics - in one visceral bite. The past couple years explored individual experience of flavor. Now, my work connects that individual experience to wider overlapping boundaries between ecology, geopolitics, technology, and human experience

In addition to producing art, I develop rigorous mechanisms of care for the individuals and communities I engage with to ensure that projects have developed equitable understandings on what the work should achieve. I'm developing accountability systems that push towards systemic change on issues such as climate crisis and land rights in authoritarian regimes. My goal is to further document ways of decolonizing daily practices in community and environmental driven art to equitably create a third knowledge space together.