In my independent creative practice, I use games, workshops, and art to communicate environmental research with a focus on food systems. Besides the obvious, I study food because it connects the individual experience of flavor to wider overlapping boundaries between ecology, geopolitics, technology, and culture. Past projects explored ecological manifestations of mukbang, diverse communities in emerging technology, and cultivating remote intimacy through food and web performance.

In addition to producing art, I develop rigorous mechanisms of care for individuals and communities to ensure that projects have developed equitable understandings of what the work should achieve. My goal is to document ways of decolonizing daily practices in community and environmental-driven art to create a third knowledge space together.

Past commissions and residencies include **Ars ElectronicaGoethe InstitutBritish CouncilSaari ResidencyZKM + Akademis Shloss Solitude’s Web ResidencyORTung HinterseePrince Claus FundArt Gene UKand Oculus Launch Pad.**

Talks + Interviews

Ars Electronica Advisory Board | Digital Community | AI + Life Art

This exhibition aims to destigmatize indigenous Karen traditions | BK Magazine

7th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum

ASEAN Foundation | Creative Futures Dialogue

Sensory Storytelling | Center for HCI, University of Salzburg

Prince Clause | Y Create

Mukbangroulette | Akademie Schloss Solitude & ZKM

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