Alt Visions @ Bangkok 1899

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Kids nowadays are growing up in the midst of enormous shifts in culture, society, and the environment. Bangkok, along with many surrounding Southeast Asian capitals, is urbanizing at breakneck speed. How do kids think about the future of their own neighborhood in the midst of constant change?

We developed the Alt Visions workshop to teach young students (ages 9 to 11) how emerging technologies such as AI, AR, and 3D printing will change the future of their cities. After the workshop, we crowdsourced ideas on how they want to use these technologies to affect change in their neighborhood and design their own after school program at Bangkok 1899.

The end goal is to open pathways for learning and connect students to mentors who can help them along their STEAM path over time. Much of the time, our social networks are strengthen our interests, but for some of these kids, it might be difficult to find people who are working in emerging tech fields.

3D models by Sufee Yama

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