Professionally, Jennifer Katanyoutanant is an artist, designer, and producer of immersive experiences in VR, AR, web, physical, and other mediums. She makes fun little interactions that trick you into learning something.

But really, Jen is more than that. She makes installations, writes stories, invents edible board games, and loves imagining all the weird things we’ll be doing on the Internet in 10 years.

She lives by the principle of cultural metacognition – working with people from different cultures makes each person more open, more creative, and opens more possibilities for new connections. Her work explores tangible manifestations of complex data structures, the reciprocal relationship between personal and global systems, and their influence on culture, identity, and media.

In her past life, she headed communications for a broad range of clients, from early stage philanthropic organizations to Fortune 50s, and has bylines in outlets like NBC, Quartz, and Bangkok Post. She still keeps that marketing and strategy hat in her back pocket.

A couple years ago, she became obsessed with new mediums for storytelling and started an event series called Made In Asia to highlight creative technologists from China and Southeast Asia, and celebrate diversity in new media.

Made In Asia has since become a consultancy that helps brands, non profits, and tech companies curate, produce, and design programming that explores how emerging media will affect future society. We also hold workshops that get artists, local communities, designers, and engineers working together to co-create speculative visions for their neighborhood.

In her free time, she experiments with art, tech, and media at residencies such as DinaCon (Digital Naturalism/Interaction Design Conference), Goethe’s Acts of Life Goethe, Future Innovators Summit at Ars Electronica, and was invited to participate in the Oculus Launchpad Program. She has spoken at events such as WebVR for Social Good (sponsored by Samsung), Techsauce Global Summit, Made In Asia’s LA Showcase, and more…